ANOTHER surprise! She did it! We have THREE more new chickens! (One more egg hatched after we took pictures.) :D

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SURPRISE! We came home from the seminar yesterday to THREE new chickens! Thanks to Kim & Mark. :D


Tim and I are off to learn about ‘Raising & Selling Broilers & Turkeys’. Alex & Amber are in charge today. They might need to close the market @ 4:30. Have a great day!

Raising & Selling Broilers & Turkeys on a Small Farm

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Another turtle –> this one was much smaller, but headed for the pond, too.

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IMG_0362 IMG_0363

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Lemon Snaps

from our distributor –> The refreshing taste of lemon shines through in every bite of these lemon snaps. With a sweet taste and a crunchy texture, these cookies make the perfect snack or simple dessert.




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