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Pepper Steak

Tim LOVES pepper steak.

1 package sandwich steaks (minute steaks), cut into strips OR ground hamburger OR sirloin steak cut into strips

oil for browning the meat and veggies

3 or 4 or more peppers (any color) cut into strips

MANY cloves of garlic, chopped (I used the whole bulb.)

1 or 2 or more onions, sliced

1 cup or water (at least) with beef bouillon in the right amount OR 1 cup or more of beef broth

sliced water chestnuts (optional)

salt & pepper to taste

1/4 C. soy sauce

2 t. ground ginger

1 T. cornstarch mixed into 1/4 cup water for thickening broth at the end.

Brown your meat in some oil. Set aside. Saute your veggies in oil ’til soft. Add liquid and spices. Heat to boiling, then let simmer for a few minutes. Return browned meat to skillet. Heat through. Add cornstarch and water and cook ’til thick. Serve over rice. Watch it disappear. :D

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Have YOU shopped at our stand in the Farmers’ Cooperative Market of East Liberty? If yes, then you’ve seen John, our faithful volunteer. Here he is with his granddaughter, Betty Lou. When Wally, her twin brother comes to visit, we’ll post of picture of him, too. :)




Did you know that we sell Sportmix dog and cat food? :D



from our distributor –>  Garlic is the dried root of a plant that is a member of the lily family. Garlic has a distinctive odor and flavor and is used in cuisines throughout the world such as Chinese, Italian, and Mexican foods. Since the dried forms of garlic are ten times stronger than fresh, it should be added sparingly to foods to obtain the desired flavor. Roasted granulated garlic is perfect for adding a mellow, nutty flavor where regular garlic may be too sharp.


something different from Hillbilly Recipes –>

Peach Pie Moonshine Recipe

This is the recipe yields a little over 3 fifths, you can easily double this recipe if you want a bigger batch..


½ gallon (64 oz.) Welch’s White Grape Peach Juice
1 ½ cups White Sugar
1 can Sliced Peaches (15-16 oz.)
3 Cinnamon Sticks
½ cup ( 4oz.) Peach Schnapps

Bring this to a boil, then let it simmer covered for about an hour. Let it cool down to room temperature then add the following:

1 cup (8-9 oz.) 190 proof Grain Alcohol, Ever clear, Graves, etc.
½ cup (4 oz.) Peach Schnapps

You may have to strain this a couple of times through cheesecloth. Now just pour it into some Mason Jars and let it sit for a couple of weeks in a cool dark place. You can drink it right away but the flavor does mellow and taste better.


hee hee hee!


Beef Barley stew — we have a beef barley soup mix at the market. To the mix (and water specified) I added:

1 pound of carrots, peeled and cut into chunks
2 pints of Brussel Sprouts, cleaned and cut in half
1 green pepper, diced
1 cup of wine (no one liked)
1 round steak, cut into cubes, tossed in flour and browned
salt and pepper to taste
and 1 cup of water.

Put it all in your crock pot on low. Check it 4 or 5 hours later to be sure there is still enough moisture. Stir and add water if necessary. Continue to cook on low or move to warm, depending on how much longer it will be in the crock pot. :)



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