In order to use what we have available in our store, I adapted this recipe from It worked out REALLY well. It’s EASY and TASTY and QUICK! These will be great gifts either as additions to a cookie tray or boxed up on their own.


Crock Pot Candy


16 ounces dry roasted UNsalted peanuts

16 ounces dry roasted salted peanuts

12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips

4 ounces dark chocolate (wafers or chips)

44 ounces (2.75#) white chocolate (wafers or chips)

4 ounces slivered (or chopped) almonds


Layer ingredients in order in crock pot. (Older crock pots with lower wattage are recommended. You can check the wattage on the bottom of the crock pot.) Cook on LOW for 3 hours. Do not PEEK during this time. Turn off heat and mix the softened ingredients well. Drop by the teaspoonful (heaping) onto wax paper. Allow to cool. Makes @ 5.75# of candy.


Today I’m going to flip-flop the dark and white chocolates (4 ounces WHITE wafers and 44 ounces DARK wafers). I’ll let you know how it turns out!