Creamy Garlic Sauce

We belong to a group at our church called ‘Dinners for Eight’. Once every two or three months one member or member couple HOSTS two or three other couples (or individual members) for dinner in their home. The hosts provide the main dish and the others bring the sides — salad, dessert, vegetables, appetizers… Last night we hosted three couples from our church and had a SPLENDID time. I made stuffed shells (we like them MUCH more than lasagna) and bow ties with creamy garlic sauce. Kris & George brought an Olive Garden-type of salad, Judy & Rich brought garlic bread and roasted vegetables, and Sandy & Ed brought chocolate chip cheesecake and angel food cake. WOW and YUM!

Here’s my adaptation of an Creamy Garlic Sauce recipe —

1 pound ground sausage, browned
1/2 c chopped, fresh garlic
3 T dried basil
6 c heavy cream
salt & pepper to taste
2 – 3 T cornstarch
1/4 c water

Brown the sausage in a skillet. Add the chopped garlic and dried basil part way through. Cook off grease.

Transfer the meat mixture to a Dutch oven and add the heavy cream. Heat to a steady simmer, stirring constantly. Add salt and pepper.

Mix cornstarch in water (use more water if you want) and add to the meat and cream mixture. Stir constantly until it thickens.

Mix with your cooked pasta — we like it on bow ties, but any pasta will work.