from Simply Southern Homesteading

Color your Eggs with Flavored Drink Packets (i.e. Kool-Aid)

1. Mix a packet of flavored drink mix with water in small container. (coffee mug size works fabulous)

2. Dunk Hardboiled Eggs in mixture until desired color is achieved. Take out & let dry.

**Take note that no vinegar is needed. There is citric acid already in the powder mixes, negating the need for vinegar.

**Lemonade does not produce enough color, mix in a small amount of Orange flavored mix to get a stronger yellow.

**Grape colors it quickly. Either don’t leave it in for long or if you have a blue powder flavor mix, add some of that. Leaving it in Grape alone turns it a deep grey shade.

**If you (or your husband) has a little time, you can make Egg dippers with handles out of a wire clothes hanger – That’s what we did!