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One of my girlie friends asked about this, so I thought I’d share.

Yes, wax is used as a preservative coating on apples, although most commercial growers now use CA (controlled atmosphere) storage which eliminates most of the oxygen from the air and replaces it with carbon dioxide so the apples don’t ‘breathe’. As they age, apples produce their own waxy coating. Some varieties do this more prolifically than others. Our Stayman Winesap and Jonagold feel greasy now — not because we coated them with anything (we don’t own waxing equipment and we can’t afford CA storage); it’s just the natural aging process of apples. We have a grader that sorts the apples by size (grades them) and puts them through a series of brushes. This is what causes the shine on freshly harvested apples. You can store apples for LONG periods of time by putting them in a plastic bag in your ‘fridge. Some varieties will need just a touch of moisture added to the bag by way of a damp paper towel (Golden Delicious – have you seen them wrinkle?), but most others just need the oxygen-reduced atmosphere of the plastic bag and the coolness of the ‘fridge. Of course, some will go bad. Remember the saying, ‘It only takes one apple to spoil the barrel”? (Or as Ben Franklin said, “the rotten apple spoils his companion,” which goes back to Shakespeare’s time – Bad Apple Proverbs: There’s One In Every Bunch). So, use your apples up at a reasonable rate, or, at least, CHECK through them every once in a while and remove those that are going bad.