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I had to run (I don’t actually mean ‘run’, I drove my TrailBlazer) to the Apollo Trust branch office in Spring Church today to deposit $$$ for payroll tomorrow. On the way back, I, of course, passed by the sign at the end of our property announcing our presence in the next few hundred yards. It looked AWFUL. It has looked AWFUL for a while. Like, maybe several YEARS. But today it struck me as unacceptably awful (obviously there are degrees of awfulness) and so when I walked into the market and saw Tim standing there, I told him to go get that sign and let me see what I could do to fix it.


Unbelievably, he went and got the sign! (I know, all you ladies are swooning at the idea of a man doing what you tell him, not ask him, to do!)


Tim brings me the sign. The first thing I notice is that there are a BUNCH of spider egg casing on the back. Thus, I don’t want it in the store. But, before Tim has a tenth of a second to move, I realize that the letters on the sign are actually stickers. They are not painted on. So I ask him where we got those signs (TWO signs, one that announces our presence when you come from the east and one that announces our presence when you come from the west).


He says, ‘B & K Signs’ in Spring Church across from the Spring Church branch of Apollo Trust Company.


I say, ‘So take it up there and see if they can fix it. They’ll probably try to sell you new signs, but at least we can TRY to get this one fixed.’


Off he goes! (OMG!) Actually, at the time I’m not sure what he’s done. Amber and I have TOO much to do in the store to watch which way Tim goes when he leaves, so I didn’t even KNOW that he had gone up to Spring Church.


At 4:50 PM, Tim shows up to help me close the market. THAT’S when he says he’s been at B & K Signs since 3:30 PM. The ‘guy’ up there has been trying to help him since then because they are MOVING TOMORROW. He, the ‘guy’, doesn’t have the stickers we need completed yet, but he should by 5:30 which is when they close, for the LAST time in Spring Church, PA.


‘B & K’ (Brian & Kathy) sold the business and the new owner is located in Strongstown, PA, about an hour east of Spring Church. YIKES!


Well, quick end to the story, after we close the market, Tim goes back up the ‘B & K Signs’ and gets the stick-ons we need to fix the sign. He pays ‘the guy’ $15 and comes home to do the repairs with the sign laying on the tailgate of his 1998 Dodge Ram.


The sign will be fully repaired and back on its posts tomorrow, or next week.  😀